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Immigration to Czechia Antworten

Introducing Czechia, colloquially known as the Czech Republic, a country that can be described as an average sized European country can be described as a middle-sized European country having a rich cultural heritage with influence from many countries that have surrounded it and have occupied this area historically. Statistics show that the population of the Czech Republic is currently estimated at around 10,6 million people. The biggest ethnic group is Czech (63%). The official language is Czech, however, there are 14 minority languages, which are officially recognized.

Czech nominal GDP per capita is estimated at around 24 938 USD. The Official currency is the Czech Koruna (CZK). The Czech Republic is a proud member state of the European Union and the Schengen area, which provides many benefits to its residents.

Immigration legislation states that if you are a non-citizen of the European Union and you intend to stay in the Czech Republic for more than 90 days consecutively or if you want to conduct business activities or work, then you must apply for a long-term visa or a residence permit.

Immigration services
Immigration services in the Czech Republic are not as well developed as in many other European countries, and also compare poorly with other Eastern European states, such as Latvia. However, the Ministry of the Interior, which is responsible for issues related to immigration, does offer residence permits for qualifying company formation. Still, it may be quite difficult to obtain a residence permit in the Czech Republic. However, it is still possible to acquire a long term visa if you want to live, work or study there.

Immigration service providers
When dealing with immigration authorities while already on the territory of the Czech Republic it is essential to have the support of a Czech speaking individual or a translator, since the 'Foreign Police', assigned locally by the Ministry of the interior, rarely speak any language except Czech – you might be 'lucky' but you should not rely on finding an official that will understand you.

Here are three email address of companies which offer immigration services in the Czech Republic:

Lawful immigration
In order for immigration to be lawful, an immigrant needs to adhere to all the requirements set out in Czech law. The main law, which regulates the immigration of non-citizens of the EU in the Czech Republic, is the Law on Residence of Aliens in the Czech Republic. There are several possible options, depending on the purpose of your visit. You may need a work permit, visa or Schengen visa in order to visit the country. If you plan to reside there for a long period of time – you need to acquire a residence permit or a long term visa.

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